Real Estate
Lvl 8, 140 Bourke street, MELBOURNE 3000 | 03 9670 3288

Specialising in Melbourne's central business district and suburbs, Marvelli Town & Associates (MTA) has established a solid reputation as a leader in commercial, residential and industrial real estate throughout Australia.

For most people the PROCESS of buying or selling Real Estate  is not a pleasant experience and often their findings are a combination of stress, disappointment and ultimately compromise! One of the many goals of Marvelli Town & Associates is to ensure your next experience is a positive one.

Marvelli Town & Associates was founded around one simple mission. "To deliver RESULTS that exceed our clients EXPECTATIONS".

Our success is due to the exceptional sales team at MTA and a strong focus on our PERSONALISED SERVICE and PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE in all aspects of service we have established over the last 43 years.

The foundation of our 'success system' is a philosophical shift from being a 'facilitator' presenting to a Real Estate Consumer to becoming a 'catalyst' for a Real Estate Client to find success in an industry that for decades has been inefficient and often ineffective. "Disappointment is the difference between what a client EXPECTS and what the agent DELIVERS"

Marvelli Town & Associates prides itself on “personalised service” by 'listening' to our client's individual wants and needs, thoroughly researching these requirements and providing solutions that will exceed client expectations.